Taking the first step: Coding toys for kids!

To code is to create instructions for a computer to follow and a computer is anything that can be instructed to carry out code. This essentially means that you can’t code without a computer and that this computer you require to code can come in many different forms.   You might be wondering now what does […]

Benefits of Video Games That Will Surprise You!

The statement that video games are unhealthy is long gone with numerous studies concluding that video games are in fact, good for you! That said, many might still find this difficult to believe after years of hearing things like “You’ll ruin your eyes if you keep staring at the screen,” or “Stop playing video games […]

Discover the ideal after-school routine for your child

As working adults, even after getting off work, there are still responsibilities we need to fulfill, whether for our own betterment or for our families. We have our own different routines which might include cooking dinner for the family, a late-night workout or preparing for the next day’s work. When we were younger and still […]

How to Motivate Young Learners to Develop Skills and Seek Knowledge

When was the first time you truly felt motivated to do something? Do you remember your exact feelings, what caused it and were you able to pursue that something? From gaining the motivation to succeed simply because one was told they couldn’t, to something as straightforward as – for the fame and fortune. We have […]