Virtual STEM Programs

With the spread of COVID-19, lessons at Tokyo Coding Club can either be taken in-person (with COVID-19 preventative measures) or virtually on Zoom.

Right now, it’s the opportunity to try something new. With education centers and schools worldwide sealing off because of the widespread of Covid-19, parents are presented with the challenge of keeping the children sharp for the next few weeks and potentially for months. 

Online learning, with many parents, frown upon before this, is becoming more and more popular by the day. Let’s face it, every student can learn, but they learn differently. So here is a list of different online learning opportunities, bucketed by type and format. Tokyo Coding Club will also be adding to the list from time to time, so be sure to check back often! Don’t miss a free virtual coding club together with our instructors for a more collaborative and exciting environment for your kids to learn tech and digital arts.  

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STEM & Digital Creatives Programs:

Game Development
Design and Animation
Video Editing
Digital Music Production

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Private | Group Virtual Classes

One-on-one | Group learning

The most significant benefit of virtual learning is that it allows the student to jump in and learn when it is most convenient for them. One drawback is that most experiences don’t offer the 2-way communication between an instructor and a student, with the lesson is in the form of a video or written word.

However, Tokyo Coding Club one-on-one online private lessons, your children will learn through tailored tech or digital arts classes from Tokyo Coding Club certified instructors, some who are top talents from elite universities and organizations. Whether you want your child to try online coding lasses or dive into game design and development, Tokyo Coding Club provides all year-round and can be booked according to your schedule.

As for online group lessons, students can experience structured tech courses with the collaborative spirit moved to a virtual environment, alongside others, all from the comfort of home. Kids and teens can develop their tech skills, engage with other students (5 max per instructor), and learn through a mixture of live guidance and self-paced project development.

How about Robotics classes? Is that even possible?

For parents, robotics created an impression of hardware with a combination of some coding involved. Here, our students are equipped with Robotic kits delivered by us to your doorstep to make robotics classes possible outside Tokyo Coding Club! Meaning your children can spend as much time as they want to learn about robotics with their kits after their lessons with us and explore the never-ending opportunities and knowledge of robotics at the comfort of their home. 

How about the Free Online Coding Club?

With each sign-up, your kids & teens are eligible to attend free coding sessions by our instructors at the comfort of your home.
The schedule for the free coding club can be found here:

We use Zoom for the best video-conferencing quality and highest lesson productivity for our students.

Suitable For Those Who Are:

  • Ages 7 – 18
  • Interested In Programming & Robotics
  • Interested In Digital Arts and Graphic Design
  • Want to Engage Without the Travel
  • Enjoys Online Learning


Students looking for opportunities for tech skills or digital arts development can do so with Tokyo Coding Club online.

Pick a category, select up to 3 programs 

Programming –  all ages
a) Coding With Minecraft
b) Programming With Python
c) Game Development With Roblox
d) Game Development With Python
e) Fortnite Unreal Engine Game Development
f) Programming (Java, C, C++, Html, Javascript and many more) – please state your preference, subject to availability

Robotics – all ages
a) Robotics With Arduino
b) Robotics With Sphero and RVR
c) Robotics With 3D Printing
e) Custom Robotics Project

Digital Creatives– all ages
a) 3D Printing
b) Adobe Animate
c) Youtube Vlogging
d) Twitch Game Streaming
e) Electronic Music Production

Custom Tech – all ages
a) Artificial Intelligence
b) Data Science
c) Cyber Security
d) Advanced Robotics – ROS
e) High School Research Project

Note: If you have a subject that is not listed here, please contact us at [email protected]

No Upfront Payment Required. 

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