Tokyo Coding Club Membership

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Tokyo Coding Club Membership gives our students access our computer lab and facilities from 11AM – 8PM daily.

What is TCC Membership?

Tokyo Coding Club Membership gives Tokyo Coding Club students access to use our computers and facilities from 11AM – 8PM daily. We have a computer lab, 3D printers, and robots available for student use. The computer lab can be used for coding, digital arts, animation, video editing, and even gaming with friends in a safe environment. It’s a state of the art, child-friendly, STEAM maker space!

We offer monthly and one-day memberships. Non-TCC students can take advantage of one-day memberships, but they must be accompanied by a friend from TCC. 


Reservations can be made online by submitting the form on the right, or by contacting us at [email protected]

Monthly Sign Up

If parents sign up at the middle of the month, Tokyo Coding Club will only charge based on the number of days remaining in the month.


Parents may cancel anytime. If the cancellation is made at the middle of the month, we can refund the remaining number of days that students were absent.

Pricing Plans for TCC Students


  1. Students must be supervised by a tutor when using a 3D printer. Do not stand too close to the 3D printer when it is printing. This is to ensure students stay safe from potential hazards associated with 3D printers.
  2. Treat the space and facilities with respect. 
  3. If you are unsure on what to do, you may stop your project temporarily and ask our tutors for advice!
  4. Every user has personal responsibility to remain safe in the space and keep others safe too. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. This includes reporting any damaged equipment, spillages, or unsafe behaviour.
  5. Clean and return all tools to where you got them.
  6. Remember to log off from every online account at the end of the session.

Membership Registration

Check out our courses

Programming – private/group lessons – all age
a) Coding With Minecraft
b) Coding With Cozmo
c) Programming With Python
d) Game Development With Roblox
e) Game Development With Python
f) Fortnite Unreal Engine Game Development
g) Programming (Java, C, C++, Html, Javascript and many more) – please state your preference, subject to availability

Robotics – private/group lessons – all age
a) Robotics With Arduino
b) Robotics With Sphero and RVR
c) Robotics With 3D Printing

Design & Animation – private/group lessons – all age
a) 3D Printing
b) Adobe Animate

Video Editing – private/group lessons – all age
a) Youtube Vlogging
b) Twitch Game Streaming

Custom Tech – private lessons only – all age
a) Artificial Intelligence
b) Data Science
c) Cyber Security
d) Advanced Robotics – ROS

Note: If you have a subject that is not listed here, please contact us at [email protected]

No Upfront Payment Required. Free Cancellation

Feeling lost? Please contact us at [email protected]